Can music change the world?

Why people listen to music?

I hope nowadays everyone has will like to listen to music and You will watch somewhere some people are cannot without listening to sound. why? Because they love the melody and yes you will saw people are listening to repeats songs. But did you think about this matter they listen to soul repeats song? Why ? because in the songs of words, sentences are related to the past in their life that is why they listen again and again songs. If someone has mood off so they should listen to a song because you have will listen somewhere that music works like medicine they need medicine as we like when we upset so we have also need to listen to the melody. Because of melody work like medicine after that,
we feel to better before and we should listen to those songs which songs we like so that they feel better.

How are many types of Song Lover?

Many types of Song lovers in the world.
The main music lover is.

  • Classical Song lover.
  • Jazz Song lover.
  • Hip-pop Song lover.
  • Bollywood Song lover.
  • Old Song lover
  • Gajzal Song lover.

Classical Song lover

The classical Music lover who people are they would like listen to 90 songs and romantic also. Classical song in India from 1750 to 1820. Our India some people are like Classical Song, they also like listening to a melody only classically.

Classical Music Lover in this Photo we can see one girl enjoying of Classical Music Lover
Classical Music Lover Image

Jazz Music lover

Jazz Song came in world form in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In my point of view, I think that in our India some people are like Jazz Song because it comes from the United States of America.

Jazz Music Lover I will tell u in our India very low people like Jazz Music Lover
Jazz Music lover Photo

Hip-Pop Song lover

The hip-pop Song lover who people interested in rap. Its make in 1970. Our in India hip-pop is famous. People are also like listen hip-pop.In our country, a lot of are like hip-pop.

Hip-pop song Lover in this photo one people enjoying of hip-pop song.
Hip-pop Music lover Image

Bollywood Music lover

Bollywood Song lover those who person like Hindi songs and film songs. It came to India in 1931. In India, too many people are like to listen to Bollywood melody. In this filed we have a lot of opportunities to make the future.

Bollywood song we all know Bollywood King singer.

Old Music lover

Old Song lover those who people are in love depends on the mood which songs like to listen be prefer. Our in India old melody lover has too much. It came to India in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Old Music Lover We can see in this image how is enjoying.
Old Music lover Photo

Gajzal Music lover

Gajazl Music Lover He sings Gajzal songs.
Gajzal Music lover Photo

Ghazal Music lovers those who people are like so they already have broken hearts in love. It came to India in the 12th century and It begins to form, South Asia. Our in India not lots of but some person are like they like to listen.

Can song help you study?

Yes, it is totally agreed melody can Help to study. Because when we are not concentrating on our study so we should have listened to light music on study time so that we can concentrate on study. If we won’t give our best so while work we listen to a very light melody, but at that time we should listen to our favorite song. If while study we can not listen to a song so we should take the rest of 10 minutes at that time we should listen to our favorite song.

Why people are so addicted to listening to Song?

Nowadays People are so addicted to listening to the melody that is why because we see that lots of people take too much tension. It’s not good for our health and one more think these types of diseases see in children. But I want to share something it’s not good for children. Everyone knows that If we in our limit it’s good and If we are not in the limit it’s not good so we should live in our limit. Those whom people addicted to listening to melody feel a happy mood. When we feel happy after that we properly concentered on our work and we give our best. Some people listening to the melody because they are relieved of their stress and make mood happy.

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